Barbara K. Zehentner, PHD HCLD (ABB)
Laboratory Director
Vice President / Managing Partner

Since 2004 Dr. Zehentner has been validating and overseeing a comprehensive, clinical molecular test menu for leukemia, lymphoma and solid tumor diagnostics at HematoLogics Inc., in Seattle, WA.

Her principal interests lie in providing high-quality laboratory results to ensure the best patient care as well as understanding and combing the value of different testing modalities to increase sensitivity, specificity, and diagnostic confidence.

Dr. Zehentner received her master’s degree in biotechnology from the Professional College in Weihenstephan, Germany, and her PHD in molecular biology from the University RWTH in Aachen, Germany, where she graduated Summa cum laude. Dr. Zehentner has more than 15 years of experience in molecular assay development, previously working for Boehringer Mannheim and Roche Diagnostics, Germany, as well as for Corixa Corporation in Seattle as a molecular diagnostics project leader.

Detection of Disseminated Tumor Cells: Strategies and Diagnostic Implications