HematoLogics is not a routine reference lab. We are an internationally recognized consultative hematopathology service and investigative research lab that develops and applies new methods and applications for your patients. Once tests are finalized the patient sample is still very important to us. As we test we consider what might be needed in the future to address not only the current diagnosis, but what could be important for monitoring future response to treatment, residual disease and relapse. The patient’s sample is important now and in the future. HematoLogics therefore provides several services at no charge.

Retrospect DNA Archiving

When abnormal results are identified by flow cytometry, DNA is isolated from the sample and stored. This allows use for future molecular analysis for all diagnostic B- and T- cell gene rearrangements, providing you the opportunity to compare a more recent sample with the original diagnostic specimen. Minimal Disease detection and confirmatory testing on difficult specimens can be performed.