HematoLogics, Inc. is the recognized leader for Measurable Residual Disease Testing for Acute Leukemia.

HematoLogics offers a complete test menu for your MRD needs. In addition to Difference from Normal (∆N:) flow cytometry and Molecular Genetics, we perform Cytogenetics, FISH, Next Generation Sequencing, and SNP/CGH Microarray, all under one roof. All services are found on the website.


Our Superior Sensitivity is as low as 0.02% with only a 24-hour Turn Around Time.
Leader in Residual Disease Testing
HematoLogics, Inc. is the only Lab offering Cell Sorting and Molecular confirmation of small Neoplastic Populations
Difference from Normal (∆N:) Flow Cytometry can identify small changing populations where the traditional Leukemia Associated Immunophenotype (LAIP) may give false negatives
Difference from Normal (∆N:) Flow Cytometry validated in clinical trials
Difference from Normal (∆N:) Flow Cytometry validated in normal Pediatric and Adult specimens