Why Partner With Hematologics Inc.

WE CARE about every client and case we work with and pride ourselves on our ability to offer industry leading services with that “small business” touch. When you partner with Hematologics Inc. you will directly benefit from:

• Advanced Integrated Technologies!

• Algorithmic Approach to Testing!

• DNA Archiving!

• Rapid Turn-Around Times!

• A Personal Touch!

Integrated Technologies

Hematologics, Inc. combines unique expertise in High Resolution Flow CytometryTM, Tumor Cell Sorting, Cytogenetics, Difference from Normal Multi-Dimensional Flow Cytometry, and Molecular Genetics with a broad understanding of hematopoiesis and clinical knowledge to provide you with the information you need. Our retrospect DNA ArchivingTM service offers a new approach for monitoring your patient for minimal disease and determination of relapse. What distinguishes us from our larger competitors is that we evaluate and treat every sample as an individual. Patient autonomy is extremely important to us, and we give our best effort to provide a clinically useful diagnostic consensus for every patient handled at our laboratory.

DNA Archiving

Hematologics, Inc. is unique in providing a Retrospect DNA Archiving™ service that offers a new approach for monitoring your patient for minimal disease and determination of relapse.

Algorithmic Approach

Hematologics, Inc. has developed a defined algorithmic approach to testing that allows rapid specimen analysis by eliminating the time and expense of extraneous results.

Rapid Turn-Around Time

Even a few hours delay may make a difference to you and the patient. We provide the best turn-around times in the industry.

Personal Touch

Being a small service laboratory, we offer a personal touch that the larger companies find difficult.

• Proactive calls to you on difficult cases

• After-hours number to speak to the evaluator

• Preliminary results available

• Live interaction with employees means no phone tree

• Ability to speak to technical staff regarding questions on appropriate tests to order

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