Kirk Bennington

Clinical Outreach Director

Kirk’s education started at Jacksonville University in Florida, majoring in biology, and playing varsity soccer. He received his BA in biology at the University of Maryland Baltimore County-Catonsville, MD. He then began working at the Biotech Research Laboratory and National Cancer Institute, Rockville/Bethesda, MD.-Research in cell transformation with tumor viruses, and the effect of microwave radiation on chromosome and FMR leukemia viruses with tumor development in mice. At the VA Hospital, Washington, DC he worked in surgical research studying optic neuritis. He studied shigella and clostridium toxins at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Institute of Research, Department of Biochemistry, Washington, DC.

Kirk became a sales representative of blood banking and HLA reagents at Hyland Blood Banking, Mid Atlantic Regional. The company was sold and became Accugenics Blood Banking where he became the Eastern Regional Manager. His duties included procurement of HLA antisera and rare cells types. This company was sold to Cooper Biomedical where he and three others developed a separate HLA division for organ and bone marrow transplant as well as paternity testing. This new very successful division was sold to Geometric Data (part of Smith Kline), and he became Eastern Sales Manager. The president of the company bought the division and formed Gen Trak, Inc. where he was the Eastern Regional Field Manager and then Director of Sales in the Philadelphia offices. They became the second largest HLA company in the country and introduced a new line of flow cytometry antibodies. During this time in the field he was recognized as the top representative in his division at Accugenics and Cooper Biomedical and had management positions with the others.

Developing a great interest in flow cytometry, Kirk trained at Cytometry Associates in Nashville, TN and joined them as the North Eastern Representative . He was recognized as the outstanding representative of 1995, and was given the task of building a technical sales force for flow cytometry.

At the request of the owner Kirk returned to Gen Trak to try and help save the company that was losing business due to changes in technology. The HLA business changed from serology to molecular and they lost the license to most of their flow cytometry antibodies so the company was sold. Kirk was asked to rejoin Cytometry Associates which was bought by Esoterix and finally Lab Corp (US Labs). He was again selling flow cytometry, molecular, cytogenetic and FISH testing. Here he was sales representative of the year several times and a million dollar producer. When Lab Corp decided the reps would be required to represent several different testing lines, he left and joined Hematologics. At Hematologics, Kirk believes he has found the real science of flow cytometry and not the cookie cutter approach of large laboratories as well as the true meaning of integrated results.

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