Minimal Residual Disease

Hematologics pioneered the use of flow cytometry to detect residual disease in patients treated for acute leukemia. We prefer the term “Measurable Residual Disease” rather than “Minimal Residual Disease” as proposed by J.M. Goldman (1).

Using an approach of “Difference from Normal” the assays have been validated in blinded clinical studies in pediatric and adult patients for both acute lymphoblastic and acute myeloid leukemia treated conventionally or with bone marrow transplantation. In the current Children’s Oncology Group study of AML, detection of residual disease at the end of induction #1 by flow cytometry has replaced morphology in identifying response to therapy, defining high risk patients based on identification of low levels of aberrant myeloid progenitor cells.

The “Difference from Normal” technique can be used without a diagnostic phenotype (although a presentation fingerprint is vastly preferred) and can identify residual disease even if the phenotype changes, a common feature of AML. Cell sorting of the abnormal cell population followed by genetic or molecular tests confirm the presence of neoplastic cells.

Basic Studies of Hematopoiesis

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Monitoring Response to Therapy “Using Difference from Normal”

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