New FISH Probes added to the test menu:

TNFRSF14/ABL2:  used in Pediatric-type Follicular Lymphoma
BLL-11q:  used in Burkitt-like Lymphoma w/ 11 Aberration
DUSP22/IRF4 +Cen6:  used in Large B-cell Lymphoma with IRF4 rearrangement

New HematoLogics Publication and the instrumental use of FACS FISH, provides the detection of BCR/ABL-1 positive T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia arising in early lymphoid progenitor cells and the possible treatment implications.

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New Test Announcement: CD33, a new biomarker that determines response to Mylotarg therapy now available at HematoLogics.

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HematoLogics in conjunction with Children’s Oncology Group discovered a new phenotype of Acute Myeloid Leukemia called RAM.

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HematoLogics is the recognized leader for Measurable Residual Disease testing for Acute Leukemia. Click here to view the recently published data.

HematoLogics has increased the specificity of MYD88 L265P by 33% and the sensitivity of CXCR4 by 63% through Flow Cytometric Cell Sorting of Plasma and Lymphoid cells. Click to learn more.

Residual Disease

Small numbers of residual malignant cells are associated with clinical relapse at a later date.  Hematologics is the leader in residual disease testing by flow cytometry using a difference-from-normal approach.  We also offer a comprehensive menu of quantitative PCR assays for translocations, flow cytometric cell sorting, and molecular profiling by DNA analysis.


Hematologics has found that 30% of all cytopenias are associated with abnormal myeloid cells.  With our unique Flow Cytometric analysis, we assign an MDS Flow score that is associated with Myelodysplastic syndromes. We also offer aCGH/SNP microarray (LOH), Fish panels, cytogenetic karyotypes, and comprehensive DNA mutation panels.

Plasma Cells

Hematologics combines plasma cell enrichment and plasma cell sorting for FISH and aCGH/SNP  microarray  analysis for the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of plasma cell neoplasms.  For patients with concurrent monoclonal B-cell and plasma cell populations, we offer PCR IGH monoclonality profiling and MYD88 on the sorted populations to establish diagnosis.


Hematologics has extensive experience analyzing biopsies from patients on clinical trials, including those treated with novel therapies.  Please contact us to find out more how we can help clinical trial monitoring or assessment of new drug targets for the treatment of myeloid or lymphoid neoplasms.

Who We Are

Hematologics has assembled an in-house group of experts in each diagnostic field so that all testing is performed at Hematologics and not sent out to other specialty labs. This speeds up analysis and permits rapid response to unexpected findings due to communication between directors on every case.


What We Do

Hematologics provides immunophenotyping, cytogenetics, fluorescence in situ hybridization, molecular analysis studies and microscopic examination in our own state-of-the-art flow cytometric, cytogenetic and molecular biology laboratories. Send us a sample, and we will provide full interpretive reports.



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